In collaboration with CHANGE Education Fund and Fujifilm Malaysia, the children of BJCK had the chance to participate in ‘My Favourite Thing’ Photography Workshop.

The main goals for this workshop are to encourage students to proactively find positive aspects in their daily life while learning new Japanese words to describe their favourite things. The workshop was held in 2 session. Due to the second movement order (MCO), they workshop had to be conducted online. The first session started with the introduction of instax photography by a professional photographer, Mr. Naim. Mr. Naim also shared his experiences as a photographer besides teaching them how to use Fujifilm instax camera. As most of the children were born after the year 2000, the children are used to taking photos digitally. This time, they were so excited to get the chance to use instax. Fujifilm Malaysia has been so generous to sponsor one Instax Mini 9 and 250 films for this workshop.

Mr Naim introducing instax

After the introduction and tutorial session, the children were given one week to use the instax. There were only 3 instax available, so the children were using them by turn. The instax were passed from one child to another by delivery services and with the help from Cikgu Atikah to ensure the safety of the children. Each children can take up to 7 photos of their favourite things. This limit is made to help the children understand that each snap is precious.

After a week, a show and tell session was conducted online. The children were asked to paste the photos that they have taken onto a piece of paper and write a Japanese word that describes their favourite things. Then each of the children had to show their work to the others.

Participants showing their artwork

Below are some of the work of our children. Enjoy!