We firmly believe that education is the right for everyone,
regardless of their circumstances.

Buku Jalanan Chow Kit (BJCK) is an NGO that is working to provide equal education
opportunities to all the children in the Chow Kit catchment area.

Education should be holistic and it is more than what happens inside the classroom.

How our students spend their time and who they interact with forms the foundation of their character. In order for them to become responsible and contributing members of the society, we believe that at risk youths need a safe environment to spend their time.

To accomplish this, we have set up a safe space and resource centre where the children of Chow Kit can have a safe and stimulating refuge to play, hang around, read and interact with positive role models. It is also a venue for our community tuition initiatives and home-schooling programme for stateless/displaced children who did not have access to public school.


To provide a resource centre, an educational and a safe space that help to improve the underprivilaged children.

To provide skills-based training to further develop the children potential.

To increase literacy rate to 90%.