Through Arus Maker Academy, the children learned problem-solving using technology.

#KolektifAnakChowKit is one of the activities that is held at Buku Jalanan Chow Kit to bring out the creativity of each children. This art class is conducted by our beloved Kak Pinat.

BJCK FC is a grass root football club which empowers the children of Buku Jalanan Chow Kit. The children are coached by NEXUS FC

A community class for underprivileged children who reside around Chow Kit. Volunteers help to teach the children every Friday and Sunday 8.30pm-10.30pm.

Homeschool program for displaced children who are unable to enrol in government school which held from Monday to Friday. The classes are conducted by three staff teachers and two volunteer teachers. Subjects that are taught are Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science, Geoghraphy, History, Japanese Language and public speaking.